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Legal Ethics For Brain Injury Lawyers

I am pleased to have been again invited to speak on the important topic, Ethical Considerations in Brain Injury Litigation at the North American Brain Injury Society (NABIS) Annual Conference.  I have been honored to have been invited to present at all of the past three conferences and look forward to again address my fellow lawyers who represent victims of brain and head trauma.

This year's conference is scheduled to be held on September 14-16, in Miami Florida.

Each year the conference has attracted an outstanding faculty of both attorneys well versed in brain injury litigation and medical providers.  Last year, two tracks were presented, a legal track designed to educate attorneys on how to effectively represent their clients suffering from closed head brain trauma and one for medical providers on exciting developments in brain injury rehabilitation.

My lecture is intended to alert lawyers to the serious issues involved in representing a person with a brain injury and how to effectively deal with the multitude of problems that they have including short attention spans, memory impairments, impulsivity and lack of insight into many of their problems.  It also explores settlement issues including the use of a structured settlement to protect settlement funds as well as special needs trusts, medicare and medicaid considerations and guardianships.

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