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Outcome Measurement Scales For Brain Injuries

The Center on Outcome Measurement in Brain Injury (COMBI), is an online resource for those needing detailed information and support in regards to outcome measures for brain injuries. The measures included in the COMBI are commonly used in the field of brain injury rehabilitation and assessment. The COMBI is a collaborative project of 15 brain injury facilities or centers, most of them Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems (through grants funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research). Each center contributes information on one or more measures.

For each measure there may be a syllabus and training information, rating forms, background information on validity and reliability, a reference list of published studies, and testing materials. A FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section is also being included, compiled from past training information and questions e-mailed to us. There are currently more than 25 brain damage outcome instruments featured on the COMBI. To find out what outcome measurements are included go to the brain injury scales page



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