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Information on Special Needs (Supplemental Needs) Trusts

Lawyers who handle cases involving brain damage, brain injury or head injury must be familiar with special needs trusts. These trusts are established to provide the means to protect an individual's entitlement to government benefits such as medicaid after the brain injury case is settled. 

If proper steps are not taken to shield the brain injured person's settlement funds, they may be considered to be ineligible for medicaid because they have to much income or resources to qualify.

I just came across a new book: The Special Needs Trust Administration Manual: A Guide for Trustees which contains lots of useful information both for brain damage lawyers and for family members who handle the trusts on a day to day basis.

The Manual is a practical reference source that answers common questions such as:

  • What are my responsibilities to the disabled beneficiary?   Can I spend money for a car, trip, or gift?
  • Can I buy a house or condominium, and if so, who should own the property? 
  • What expenses can I safely pay without risking SSI benefits? 
  • How do I open a bank account?   
  • Does the trust need its own taxpayer identification number?   
  • What happens if I need to resign?

The book is available by clicking here.



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