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Sports Concussion Text Book

A new text have been published dealing with the assessement of sport's concussions


Here is the review of this concussion text book from imPact, the sports concussion group out of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center that has developed a computuerized program for base line testing and follow up testing of high school and professional athletes.

Heads-Up on Sport Concussion is a concise introductory book on sport concussion for professionals who work with athletes. It provides a comprehensive review of current literature on sport concussion, and it guides professionals in communicating with athletes, parents, and coaches regarding assessment, treatment, and other issues surrounding sport concussion.

In The Heads-Up on Sport Concussion, the authors detail
• what happens when the brain is injured;
• appropriate assessment and evaluation tools;
• sport-specific issues;
• how medical organizations are addressing the issue of sport
• medical and nonmedical treatment and rehabilitation
• recent research on a variety of topics in sport concussion;
• essential information for coaches, athletes, and parents.

This book is focused and authoritative in its treatment of a poorly understood medical problem. Providing clear clinical management strategies for sport concussion injuries, the text compiles the best available information from different resources and synthesizes the information with summaries and conclusions for easy comprehension. The material is enhanced further with photos and illustrations depicting MRI scans and brain images showing chemical reactions in the brain after an injury. In addition, the text identifies particular sports and sport activities that have the greatest incidence of sport-related concussions, and it reports on and critiques those strategies that are currently in place to combat sport concussion across different sport groups.

In The Heads-Up on Sport Concussion, professionals in sports medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, and neuropsychology offer strategies for recognizing and treating sport concussion. The text provides appropriate research resources without getting bogged down by lengthy research critiques. Many chapters include a Research Digest section that identifies critical  research data used in developing recommendations and conclusions. Additionally, an educational poster is available for
download via the Internet for athletic trainers, physicians,coaches, and sports medicine professionals to use to educate athletes and their families about the signs, symptoms, and treatment of concussion.

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