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Florida Senator: Mistake to become involved in Schiavo matter

Florida Senator Mel Martinez said in a television interview that he made a mistake when he lead the charge to get the federal government involved in the decision to keep Terri Schiavo alive.  Read more on this story from the Miami Herald.

NOW, he should lead the charge to get President Bush to restore funding for traumatic brain injury programs that were eliminated in the proposed 2007 budget!  See my post of last week describing the elimination of the traumatic brain injury tbi model programs.

With a brain injury occurring every 24 seconds and with head injury and brain damage as the signature wound in the Iraq war the elimination of funding for these programs is a disgrace! 

It was reported that legal counsel to Martinez had drafted a memo describing the Schiavo legislation as  "a great political issue."  May I respectfully suggest that a really GREAT political issue are the long term needs of those suffering from brain damage and their family members.



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