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Coma Care

As proof that we go around the world in an attempt to bring you the latest information on brain injury treatments, here is some information from Shanghai on a new coma treatment center being developed.

The center at Shanghai's Renji Hospital will research and treat patients through combined therapies. This includes newer techniques such as electrical stimulation and traditional treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy and acupuncture.

Doctors have introduced equipment from abroad and are cooperating with hospitals in other provinces to improve research and clinical practices.

Renji Hospital was the first in the nation to introduce a machine that continuously stimulates the nervous system of unconscious patients through electrodes on the wrist. The machine is from the United States. The method was developed in the West in the 1990s.

A reported 30 percent of patients either wake or show increased brain activity.

You can read the full news article  about the new coma treatment center by clicking here.



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