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Trucking Accidents & Truck Driver Fatigue

A study released by Penn State concludes that the crash risk for truck drivers in the last hour of a now legal 11 hour day behind the wheel is more than three times higher than the first hour.

Last year the Federal Government amended trucking regulations to allow for an extra hour of driving time per day.  Unfortunately the study concludes that as truck drivers increase the amount of hours they are driving their risk of a truck accident continues to increase.  The increase in the crash rate for trucks is most apparent in the 9th, 10th and 11th hours.

In my legal practice, I have seen many catastrophic brain injuries caused by trucker negligence and trucking accidents. The results of this latest study should be heeded by Federal Motor Carrier Administration with amendment of the current regulations to reduce driving time for truck drivers.

You can read the full news story entitled "Risk Higher For Truckers in Eleventh Hour".



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