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Soldiers with TBI: Rehabilitation

NPR is broadcasting a two-part story this week on returning soldiers with TBI.  Joe Shapiro will tell the story of one soldier's struggle of learning how to cope with his new limitations. He will also highlight an innovative rehabilitation program that focuses on getting troops back into the work force.

NPR summarizes the show as follows:
"Men and women are returning from Iraq with more traumatic brain injuries than in previous wars. New armor protects the body, but the head is still vulnerable, particularly from car bomb blasts. For many, recovering from a brain injury is a long process. One innovative program is working to get troops back into the work force."

The NPR show is "Morning Edition" and the story's byline is "The Span of War: Helping Troops Recover from Brain Injuries."  Both shows are approximately 10 minutes long.

Monday's show is already archived.  It can be heard at: <http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5028952>.

To listen to Tuesday's broadcast live on your computer, at approximately 6:40  a.m. go to NPR's website at: <http://www.weta.org/fm/live.php>.  After 9 a.m., the show will be archived on the show's website for that date.

An online transcript can be purchased from NPR's site for $4.95.



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