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Seizure Response Dogs

Epilepsy patients will now have seizure response dogs available to them through a partnership announced today between Canine Assistants, www.canineassistants.com and UCB Parma Inc. Under the sponsorship, UCB will provide support for the care, training and lifetime vetinary costs of all dogs given to epilepsy patients.  For more information in epilepsy and epilepsy managment can be obtained by viewing ucb's epilepsy web site, www.ucbepilepsy.com .

These seizure response dogs will provide those suffering from epilepsy a change to lead a more normal life by providing constant monitoring and companionship.  The dogs are trained in helping seizure victims safely to the ground and obtaining assistance.  According to the press release, these dogs are able to detect the onset of seizure activity before being apparent to human beings and alert both the individual and others to the impending seizure.

Cannine assistants  is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 trains and provides service dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities or other special needs.  The dogs are trained to respond to over 90 different commands including retrieval of medications, turning on lights, remaining next to seizure victims during the course of the seizure and obtain help. 

For more information on traumatic epilepsy, contact us at [email protected] and we can send you our guide to Brain Injury and Your Legal Rights which includes information on this condition.



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