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Mt Sinai Hospital: Brain: Mini Med Course

Last Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of attending the first of a six part course on the brain offered by Mt Sinai Hospital and Medical Center in New York City.  (see my earlier post on this educational brain course for further sign up information). 

Last week's lecture emphasized the amazing complexity of the brain's structure and function.  The slides and lectures discussing  the vast network of nerve fibers that make up the brain, the way that information is transferred within the brain  and the way information is processed within the brain were first rate.  This Tuesday night, the lecture is devoted to brain cancer, an overview and treatment options.

I just want to pass along to you all some amazing observations about the brain that were made by philosophers and scientists hundreds of years ago and should be some food for thought on this amazing organ, our brain.

"...the seat of sensations is the brain.  This contains the governing faculty.  All the senses are connected in some way in the brain; consequently they are incapable of action if the brain is perturbed....The power of the brain to synthesize sensations makes it also the seat of thought; the storing up of perceptions gives memory and belief and when those are stabilized, you get knowledge"  Alcmaeon of Croton, 5th Century, B.C.

"It ought to be generally known that the source of our pleasure, merriment, laughter and amusement, as of our grief, pain, anxiety and tears, is none other then the brain.  It is specifically the organ which enables us to think, see, hear and to distinguish the ugly from the beautiful, the bad and the good, pleasant and unpleasant...It is the brain too which is the seat of madness and delirium, of the fears and frights which which assail us...It is there where lies the cause of insomnia, of thoughts that will not come, forgotten duties and responsibilities."  Hippocrates (460-375 B.C.)



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