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Mothers Against Brain Injury

I read an interesting news story today about a new group formed in Florida called, Mothers Against Brain Injury whose mission is to provide an "oasis of support for the parents of children with traumatic brain injury" The story entitled "Mothers Against Brain Injury"  Helps Families Deal With Uncertainty describes the marvelous efforts of this group in Florida which is supplying support services to parents faced with the uncertainties surrounding their child's traumatic brain injury while still in the hospital.  In addition to providing general support and encouragement, the group also provides parents with a bag filled with items to make the long hours in the hospital waiting room easier to deal with.

In New York State, the Brain Injury Association of New York State has coordinators called "FACTS coordinators" available to provide assistance and support to parents when a child has sustained a traumatic brain injury.  For a list of the FACTS coordinators see the Brain Injury Association web site .



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