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Insurance Company Successfully Sued for Denying Brain Injury Claim

A jury in Boulder, Colorado has returned a verdict of over One Million Dollars against American Family Mutual Insurance Company for wrongfully denying a claim for lost wages as a result of a brain injury. The claimant, a university professor suffered from memory problems and cognitive problems following a car accident. He made a claim with the insurance company to recover his lost wages.  The insurance company trying to reduce the amount of claims paid according to the news report, rejected this claim  The verdict, is is reported to be the state's largest against a car insurance company for failing to properly pay a claim.  With penalties and interest the final award will increase to about three million dollars. More details about this case can be found by reading the article in the Rocky Mountain News.

Unfortunately, car insurance companies and disability insurance companies routinely deny valid claims for brain injury and head injury.  If more law suits against these the insurance companies are brought and more complaints are made to the State Insurance Department, hopefully these companies who put profits over people will think twice.



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