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Preventing Brain Damage in Newborns

New borns who may have sustained brain damage as a result of inadequate oxygen at birth may show recovery according to a new study if their body temperatures are chilled by 6 degrees Fahrenheit for three days.  This promising treatment to reduce brain damage in new born infant's is reported in this week's New England Journal of Medicine.  Lack of oxygen to the brain called hypoxia or anoxia can lead to anoxic encephalopathy and brain damage including cerebral palsy and blindness in new borns.  You can get further information by clicking here .  Frequently, the obstetrician has failed to recognize fetal distress and fails to promptly deliver a baby leading to brain damage.  We have been involved in many malpractice cases where brain damage to an infant was caused by the failure to rapidly perform a c section when fetal distress was noted.



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