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Not All Stroke Patients Receiving Life Saving Medication

A new study to be published in the November issue of Stroke reports that a third of the patients who arrive at the hospital with stroke symptoms could be benefiting from a stroke busting drug, tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) but are not receiving it because their symptoms are judged "too good to treat"when they arrive in the hospital.   Stroke

Nearly 80% of all strokes are caused by blood clots.  Immediate recognition of stroke symptoms and administration of tpa limits the amount of damage caused by a stoke and saves lives but some doctors are hesitant to give the drug within the three hour window because of fear that the drug may promote bleeding in the brain (brain hemorrhage).  The study finds that many patients  did not receive the drug, because their doctors felt that my the time they arrived at the hospital their stroke symptoms were mild or improving.  However, these patient's still had significant risk for long term disability and should have received the medication. 



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