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Let's Make Boxing Safer

Support for an investigation of head injury and boxing by the Nevada State Athletic Commission was made in an editorial published in the Las Vegas Sun

We all know of the recent tragic deaths in Las Vegas caused by head injury to boxers.  These deaths were even more tragic since the boxers did not display immediate symptoms of head injury while still in the ring.  Did you know that the American Association of Neurological Surgeons estimates that the force of a professional boxer's punch is the same as being struck by a 13 pound bowling ball traveling 20 mph. And even in this scenario, signs and symptoms of brain trauma still may not appear for many hours!

The investigation into head and brain trauma by the Nevada State Athletic Commission will look at proposals including mandating pre and  fight MRI and Pet Scan studies as well as the use of head gear and heavier gloves.

Do you know of any other sport where victory is defined as knocking someone out or ringing their bell?    



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