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Insurance Company Denies Payment to Car Accident Head Injury and Coma Victim

After receiving a severe head injury that left her in a coma, Ethel Adams was refused uninsurance motorist insurance benefits from her Oregon insurance company.  Thankfully, the state insurance commissioner stepped in and told the Oregon insurer, pay or face legal action by the State. The insurance commissioner is quoted as saying to the insurance company, "It's not a question if you pay Ethel Adams, but when"

Ethel was a passenger is a car that was struck by a hit head on by a truck that crossed the center line of the roadway after deliberately being rear ended by a boy friends vehicle.  The insurance company said that the act of the boy friend was intentional and therefore they did not have to pay compensation to the victim who was in a coma for nine days and in a hospital and rehabilitation center for five months.  The insurance commissioner called the insurance company argument "ridiculous". 

More persons denied insurance benefits for their head injuries ought to use this as an example of the need to file complaints with the their state's insurance department when they are denied benefits for their automobile accidents and the injuries they sustain.   

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