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New Report Supports Use of Cognitive Rehabilitation in Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

There is nothing more frustrating to neuropsychologists, personal injury lawyers who represent victims of brain injury, family members of those suffering from cognitive deficits and of course, the person who has sustained a traumatic brain injury when authorization for necessary cognitive rehabilitation is refused by a health insurance company or by an HMO.

Now, a new review article commissioned by the Brain Injury interdisciplinary Special Interest Group of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine which reviewed the medical literature, concludes that there is substantial evidence to support cognitive rehabilitation for persons with a brain injury including cognitive-linguistic therapy following stroke, visiospatial rehabilitation following stroke and "cognitive rehabilitation for for people with TBI, including strategy training for mild memory impairment, strategy training for postacute attention deficits and interventions for functional communication deficits." 

When the insurance company says no to cognitive rehabilitation make sure that you bring this article to both the attention of your neuropsychologist or other cognitive rehabilitation professional, the attention of your brain injury lawyer and to the attention of the claims examiner who does not understand brain injury and it's treatment.

The full title of this important article is "Evidence-Based Cognitive Rehabilitation: Updated Review of Literature From 1998 Through 2002" published in the Archieves of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Vol 86, August 2005 pages 1681-1691,  An abstract can be viewed by clicking here.

I again urge all those in New York State  who are having difficulties with third party provider issues for traumatic brain injury services to contact me at [email protected] so I can add you experiences to information that I am compiling for the New York State Traumatic Brain Injury Services Coordinating Council.  See my earlier post on this new committee to examine third party payor issues: http://braininjury.blogs.com/braininjury/2005/09/



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