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New Boxing Regulations Needed

Following the fourth boxer who has sustained brain hemmorage with tragic results in the last four months, a recommendation has been made that all boxers need to have brain scans performed before being issued a license to box.  Read the full story by clicking here.

I believe that the New York State Athletic Commission now requires all boxers to have PET scans and other brain scans performed prior to issuing a boxing license. That's why there are so few professional fights in New York.  Boxers simply do not want to take the chance of being denied a license for medical reasons.  If New York issues a denial, then all states must honor it under Federal Law.  It's time that all state's follow New York's lead and take the same precautions as New York before issuing a license.

Write you state elected official and make this sensible suggestion to them.  Remember, the best cure for brain injury is prevention.



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