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Chairperson: Committee to Examine Unmet Needs Following TBI in New York State

At today's meeting of the New York State Traumatic Brain Injury Services Council, I was appointed chairperson of a new committee to investigate "Unmet Needs following Traumatic Brain Injury"  The Traumatic Brain Injury Services Coordinating Council (TBISCC) was formed by an act of the New York State Legislature to recommend to the Department of Health long range objectives, goals and priorities in areas pertaining to traumatic brain injury.  The council also is also charged with providing advice on planning, coordinating and the development of needed services.

At our committee organizational meeting, committee members decided that the first goal of the committee would be to examine Third Party Obstacles to Obtaining Brain Injury Treatment and Assistance. Potential obstacles include failures on the part of insurance carriers or HMO's to approve brain injury rehabilitation treatment programs, worker's compensation and no fault denials for brain injury treatment, reimbursement rates, arbitrary restrictions and limitations on approved treatment, unprofessional conduct in the performance of "independent" medical evaluations by third party providers.  We will send a letter to service providers and other interested persons and organizations requesting information on their experiences in difficulties with third party payers and the other identified issues.  If anyone has any information to share, I encourage you to e mail me at [email protected] and provide me with your experiences. 



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