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Another Boxer In Coma Following Repeated Blows to the Head

Sad but true, another boxer, Leavander Johnson is reported to be in a drug induced coma following a lightweight title fight in Las Vegas, last night.

After suffering repeated blows to the head the referee stopped the fight in the 11th round.  Although Johnson was never knocked to the ground and never lost consciousness, he was having troubles walking back to his dressing room.  Luckily his alert trainers rushed him to the hospital where an immediate CT scan showed massive brain bleeding (brain hemorrhage) and the formation of a large blood clot which was causing a great deal of pressure within the skull.  He was immediately taken to the operating room for neurosurgery to remove the blood clot and lessen the pressure on the brain. 

Readers to this brain injury blog should take particular note that Johnson was examined in the 10th round by a ring side physician who found him fit to continue the boxing match!  Having said that, this is further evidence of the fact that brain injury is deceiving and that you cannot determine merely from a gross neurological examination or by mere observation whether a brain injury took place.  Also, any body in this day and age who continues to say that you need to have been knocked out or rendered unconscious before they are able to say that a brain injury took place needs to have their medical credentials carefully examined (and probable revoked on the grounds of gross incompetence in court I would say that kind of testimony is perjury!)

Let's pray for a good outcome for Leavander Johnson.  You can read the full story by clicking here .



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