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Very Premature Babies at High Risk For Brain Damage

Brain damage including cerebral palsy, poor school performance, low IQ, hearing disorders and social difficulties are among the disabilities faced by children born prematurely with birth weights of 2.2 pounds or less according to a new study published today in JAMA.  The study entitled "Chronic Conditions, Functional Limitations, and Special Health Care Needs of School Aged Children Born With Extremely Low Birth Weight in the 1990s" describes the multitude of problems that are far more prevalent in this low birth weight population.  The study can be accessed by clicking here.

In an article reporting on this study in today's New York Times, "Very Premature Babies Found Still at Risk" page A12 the reporter discusses the difficult choices that parents and physicians are being increasingly asked to make today because of advances in medical technology which has increased the survival rate to 70% for these infants.  To access the article go to www.nytimes.com



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