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Report from Trial Lawyer Convention

I have just returned from the Association of Trial Lawyers of America annual convention in Toronto.

I did two Internet radio shows with the legaltalknetwork www.legaltalknetwork.com on the legal aspects of traumatic brain injury which should be available for down loading as pod casts in the near future. One program was a general introduction to brain injury and the need for attorney's to understand the legal implications of this "silent epidemic"  We also discussed structured settlements and their place in the settlement of a brain damage case with Dennis English and Lawrence Cohen of Ringler Associates www.ringlerassociates.com .  In the second show, I discussed the economic ramifications of traumatic brain injury with my guest, an economist, Anthony Gamboa, PhD who frequently consults with brain injury lawyers in these type of cases.  I'm excited about doing more shows for brain injury lawyers on the many aspects of brain injury and how it affects their law practice and legal representation of victims of traumatic brain injury.

I was also reappointed as the liaison between the Trial Lawyers Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group of which I am a past chair and the Brain Injury Association of America.  I look forward to working closely with both groups to foster the goal of improving the quality of life for persons with a brain injury and insuring that persons who have sustained brain damage and their families receive adequate legal representation from personal injury  lawyers who are well learned in this complicated field of law.



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