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Brain Imaging Technology

Interested in how the brain functions and a good summary of the latest brain imaging technology?

A brain image, depending on the type of study used, can show the anatomy of the brain, the physiology of the brain and even the biochemical reactions that take place in individual brain cells.

A resource describing many brain imaging techniques including the advantages and disadvantages of each  and what they reveal including conventional studies such as CT Scans and MRI scans as well as more recent devices such as  Positron Emission Technology (PET Scan), Single Photon Emission Technology (SPECT scan), Magnetic Resonance Technology (MRS), Diffusion tensor MRI (DTMRI), Diffusion weighted MRI, Perfusion weighted MRI, Functional MRI (fMRI) has bee produced by the DANA Foundation and can be viewed as a PDF document by clicking here .



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