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Boxer With Brain Hemmorage Denied License To Fight

The Nevada Boxing Commission was using their head this week when they issued a final medical denial to heavy weight fighter Joe Mesi.

Boxing_glove_2          Following a heavy weight bout in March of 2004 which Mesi won, a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI) was taken of his brain which showed two subdural hematomas or areas of bleeding on the brain.  A pre fight MRI did not show any areas of bleeding.  Although Mesi argued that the areas of bleeding in his brain had healed, the Nevada Boxing Commission refused to reinstate his license to fight following a recommendation from their medical review panel.   

The New York State Boxing Commission in order to reduce the risk of brain damage following a head injury requires all boxers to have MRI screening before they are issued a fight permit. 

In another boxing story, an Oregon woman is now in a coma following a boxing match at the Seven Feathers Casino last Thursay.  Although she appeared to be fine after losing her bout, later she complained of a headache, then vomited and collapsed. She then underwent surgery to relieve the swelling in her brain.  Click here to read the story.



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