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Terri Schiavo: Brain Injury Association Position Statement

I was pleased to see the well reasoned statement released by the Brain Injury Association of America concerning the controversy surrounding the Terri Schiavo matter. 

The Brain Injury Association in rightfully refusing to be drawn into a personal end of life decision has justifiably questioned how our nation's law makers on the one hand can take public positions on brain injury and yet refuse to provide funding for the TBI Act contained within the Health Resources and Services Administration Budget as well as drastically reduce medicaid expenditures for persons who have sustained a brain injury.   Calling themselves "perplexed" [a term which in my opinion is too mild] the Association has encouraged advocates to "seek an explanation from the White House for these seeming contradictions."

In attempting to focus public attention on the national epidemic of brain injury, the Brain Injury Association has stated:  "Our nation has committed vast resources to saving lives through the science of medicine.  NOW IS THE TIME FOR LAWMAKERS AND OPINION LEADERS TO COMMIT EQUAL RESOURCES TO MAXIMIZING THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SAVED.  We know that at least 5.3 million American men, women and children live with a TBI-related disability as a result of falls, motor vehicle crashes, assaults, and sports-related incidents.  We also know that blast injuries-a signature of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan will further swell those ranks."

You can read the full statement by clicking here: Download shiavo_letter_from_shc.doc .



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