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New York Brain Injury Assistance: New Medicaid Waiver Contact Information

In New York State, victims of head or brain trauma do not have to be confined to tbi rehabilitation centers, nursing homes or other long term care facilities in order to obtain necessary services.  Services can often be administered to those suffering from a traumatic brain injury in their own homes and within their own communities.

This brain injury program, administered through the New York State Department of Health, allows services to be rendered to medicaid recepients in the least restrictive environment, meaning that a person does not have to be in a brain injury facility or other rehabilitation facility to receive long term services. It is frequently referred to the "New York State Waiver Program" or the "TBI Waiver" or the "Community and Home Based Services Program".

I am constantly amazed that their are many professionals who provide advice and assistance to victims of traumatic brain injury in New York State and are unaware of this program and the wonderful benefits it can provide.  I urge hospital based personnel who are responsible for the discharge of tbi patients to update themselves on this program.  Lawyers who represent victims of tbi need to know about this program as well.  Case managers who must fashion a long term life care plan also need to know about the vast amount of benefits that are available in New York State to those who have sustained head and brain trauma.

Any family member can contact the New York State Department of Health and obtain information on this program.

The stated philosphy of the New York State TBI Waiver program is that:

1.  "An individual with a TBI has the same right to be in control of his or her life as anyone else in our society."

2-  "An individual with a TBI must be able to choose where he or she wants to live, with whom he or she will live and who will provide any needed services."

3-  "The individual with a TBI has the right to learn as a member of society, by encountering and managing risks, and through experience learn from related failures."

I am attaching a post received from the New York State Department of Health, Office of Medicaid Management, Traumatic Brain Injury Program with contact information throughout New York concerning this program. For contact information click: Download rrds_address_sheet.doc

The Health Department can be reached at: New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Long Term Care-Brain Injury Program, Office of Medicaid Management, One Commerce Plaza, Rm. 803, Albany, N.Y. 12260.  Their telephone number is 518 474 6580.



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