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Brain Trauma: High Incidence in Iraq War Veterans

The high incidence of traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI in returning Iraq War Veterans is the lead story in today's USA Today.  (several weeks ago, see Feb 4th post below, I also reported on this disturbing trend in returning veterans and attached a broadcast interview with doctors who treat brain injury from the public broadcast network)

In today's story, the "invisible" features of brain injury are emphasized as well as the symptoms of brain injury. 

Brain injury victims face much frustration and discrimination because the symptoms of this condition are very difficult to recognize.  The symptoms may not be immediately apparent to the victim or their family or even physicians who have rendered emergency care.  It may take days or even weeks for many of the symptoms of the post concussion syndrome to develop.

The story discusses the frustration faced by victims of brain trauma to cope with every day functions and the symptoms of traumatic brain injury and concussion including headache, memory loss, behavioral changes, diminished problem solving ability and the sensitivity to light or sound that may develop following a traumatic brain injury of any kind. 

A follow up story appears on page 6A of the same paper: "Coping With Brain Injury" You can read the full lead story and related story by clicking here.

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