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Behavior Changes Following Train Accident Leads to 8.5 Million Dollar Brain Damage Settlement

An 8.5 million dollar settlement for behavior changes to a train conductor who sustained a mild traumatic brain injury following a train wreck was reported in this weeks, Lawyers Weekly, USA newspaper. 

The 52 year old train conductor sustained a mild concussion in a train wreck which occurred several years ago outside of Los Angeles, California.  He was treated and released from the hospital and began to experience headaches over the next several days. He returned to the hospital where an MRI was taken of his brain.  The scan showed nothing extraordinary and he returned home. See what every lawyer should know about brain injury by clicking here.

However, as time wore on, his family and friends reported observing that the train conductor was exhibiting behavior changes, personality changes and was now consuming a large quantity of alcohol.  A visit to a lawyer who understood brain injury and its emotional, physical and cognitive consequences led to the institution of a law suit against the railroad.  The brain injury lawyers had the MRI films reexamined and discovered that they showed small brain hemorrhages which is a hallmark sign of a closed head brain injury.  These  bleeds are markers of structural changes to the brain which can lead to devastating and life long consequences. The brain injury attorneys then went about establishing the post accident personality changes to the conductor, that he could no longer return to work as a result of his condition, that he can no longer live independently, and that he requires future care. 

The settlement of this brain damage case points to the importance of obtaining a personal injury lawyer who is qualified to handle a brain injury case and who understands the life long consequences of a traumatic brain injury.  Important information that should be ascertained before retaining brain injury lawyers can be obtained by clicking here.   

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