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Resouces regarding school reintegratin of children with Traumatic Brain Injury

Children who have sustained traumatic brain injury presented special challenges to educators.  In many instances, schools are not prepared for the return of these students.  Schools many not understand the special needs of these students and teachers are often at a loss in how to provide effective instruction. Children with present unique challenges because the child's deficits may not be immediately apparent and these deficits may change over time as the brain matures.   In the course of representing children who have sustained a TBI, I am frequently asked to provide resouces to both parents and educators.

A state by state guide for the reintegration of children with traumatic brain injury has been published.  This resource guide is provided to parents nad professionals who are seeking user friendly information about children and adolescents with acquired brain injury (ABI)or traumatic brain injury (TBI).  The information is divided into sections that provide state by state listings of resouces.  These resources include pamphlets, booklets, CDs, videos, and persons identified in each stgate who can serve as a further resource.  This resouce guide can be found on line by clicking here. A printable text only version can be obtained by clicking here.

Another manual entitled "Students with TBI-Thriving Beyond Injury" is a 116 page publication designed to provide parents with information about special education and related services as described in the Individuals with Disability Act and is meant to assist them through the process of obtaining appropriate services through the various stages of TBI and rehabilitation.  Seperate chapters cover evaluation, services, transitions, specails factors, advocacy, negotiation and rights.  The manual is available in a downlodable pdf version by clicking here.



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