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Brain Trauma Stop Giving Corticosteroids

New Information for treatment of severe traumatic head injury and traumatic brain injury was released today.  A study concludes that doctors should stop routinely giving steroids after severe brain injury or severe head injury because coritcosteroids  have been found to significantly increase death rates.

For many years,  physicians have been utililzing steroids to reduce brain swelling, a common condition found in severe brain or head trauma following car crashes. Car accidents are a leading cause of brain injury.  The study found that that patients treated with steroids were 18 percent more likely to die from their brain injury or head injury than those who did not receive this drug.   "The significant increase in death with steroids found in this trial suggests that steroids should no longer be routinely used in people with traumatic head injury," according to Dr. Phil Anderson the lead author of the study. 

Information about the clinical study published in the January Issue of The Cochrane Library, an international organization that evaluates medical research can be found by clicking here  Review title: Anderson et al: Corticosteroids for acute brain injury.  The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2005, Issue 1



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