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Brain Injury Wristbands and Decals

The Brain Injury Association of America announced two exciting new products for sale this week, a green wristband and a window decal.  Both of these products will allow the Association and its State Affliates to raise awareness and help support efforts to improve the quality of life for the 5.3 million Americans living with brain injury. 

The green silicon wristband has the phrase "Mind Matters" and "BIAA" embedded in the band.  The green represents new life and growth experienced through the rehabilitation process.  The 3" x 3" decal shows the green brain injury awareness ribbon.

I urge you to contact your state asssociation and order these wristbands in packages of 10.  In New York, the Brain Injury Association of New York State can be reached by contacting its executive director at [email protected]

This is a great way to provide financial support to the individual state brain injury associations and the brain injury association of america and show your support for brain injury awareness.

The many persons and family members affected by the silent epidemic of brain injury known by many as concussion, post concussion syndrome, head injury, traumatic epilepsy, tbi, traumatic brain injury or simply brain trauma needs your help and support.




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