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Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Conference

A conference reviewing developments in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy will be held at the Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center on November 3rd & 4th, 2016.

Boston University, Metcalf Trustee Center, 1 Silber Way, 9th floor, Boston, MA 02215

More information can be obtained by clicking here.

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Congressional Brain Injury Caucus Briefing Scheduled for Tuesday Sept 13 on CTE

Neuroscience Caucus to Hold Briefing on CTE Next Week

On Sept. 13, 2016, the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus and the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force, in partnership with the American Brain Coalition, the American Academy of Neurology, and the National Association of State Head Injury Administrators, will present a briefing that explores our current understanding of sports-related injuries and research efforts aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of these injuries on the human brain. The briefing, "Sports-Related Brain Injuries: From the NFL to the Laboratory," will be held from 3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. at the Capitol Visitors Center H-201A-B. This briefing will feature Chris Borland, a linebacker formerly of the San Francisco 49ers who stunned the sports world by retiring after one year in the NFL due to concerns about CTE. Chris is now forming a foundation to work with high school athletes who serve their communities. Dr. Ann McKee, a professor of Neurology & Pathology at Boston University, who is a renowned brain researcher and one of the leading authorities on TBI and CTE in the nation, will also be presenting information.

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Are the number of concussions growing or is there just better recognition?

The number of adolescents diagnosed with concussions is growing, according to researchers at UC San Francisco. They recommend that adolescents be prioritized for ongoing work in concussion education, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The study found that 56 percent of concussions were diagnosed in the emergency department, 29 percent in a physician's office, and the remainder in urgent care or inpatient settings. As such, outpatient clinicians should have the same confidence and competence to manage concussion cases as emergency physicians, Zhang said.

A 60 percent increase in concussions occurred from 2007 to 2014 (3,529 to 8,217), with the largest growth in ages 10-14 at 143 percent and 15-19 at 87 percent. Based on classification, 29 percent of concussions were associated with some loss of consciousness.

The findings appear online August 16, 2016, in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine. Click here to read full article.  


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NFL to Impose Penalties for Teams that Fail to Follow Concussion Protocols

Borrowing from what i have frequently lectured and written about, the New York Times has reported today that the NFL has finally decided that the only way to enforce their concussion protocols is to impose strict penalties upon teams that fail to follow them. 

The New York Times article, NFL Introduces New Rules to Back It's Concussion Protocols reports that the league intends to punish teams that do not follow concussion testing measures and allow players to return to play prematurely by imposing heavy monetary fines and other penalties including losing draft picks. 

The NFL has a long history of failing to provide adequate protection to players following a concussion.  Just creating protocols with no enforcement is not sufficient. 

The NFL still needs to go further and enforce its own rules pertaining to illegal hits and other conduct which promotes head trauma. Players who engage in prohibited conduct need to be ejected from the game, fined and perhaps even suspended for the remainder of the season.  Brain injuries and conduct that causes these injuries must become a league priority.  Five yard penalties are not enough. 

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Strucutural damnage to brain following a concussion confirmed by new studies

A new  study establishes lasting structural damage to brain long after concussion symptoms improve. You can read further information here:   Brain changes persist in student athletes six months after a concussion, study suggests

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NFL: Did they get away with "murder"-- NFL Settlement Upheld by Third Circuit Court of Appeals this afternoon

Unfortunately, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals this afternoon denied the request for an En Banc hearing to re-examine the settlement reached by the NFL and the class action attorneys purportedly representing the interests of 20,000 players.  Any chance of the Supreme Court agreeing to hear this case is slim to none. What does all this mean?  It means that the truth may never be told and the NFL is getting away with "murder"?  With this decision the truth may never be discovered regarding what the NFL knew, when did they know it, and how did they hide it?  Read story on line in New York Times. Appeals Court Won’t Revisit N.F.L. Concussion Settlement

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Youth Sports Concussion Act Moves Out of Committee

Legislative News from the Brain Injury Association of America:

The United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, chaired by Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) passed the Youth Sports Concussion Act, S. 2508 out of the committee on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. The Youth Sports Concussion Act is sponsored by Senator Tom Udall (D-N.M.) and in the House of Representatives, Reps. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-N.J.) and Thomas J. Rooney (R-Fla.), co-chairs of the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force. BIAA thanks Chairman Thune, Ranking Member Nelson (D-Fla.), and Senator Udall for their leadership on moving this important piece of legislation forward.

The Youth Sports Concussion Act expressed the sense of Congress that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) should review the National Academies' report on sports-related concussions and future research in such area for any matter that may impact products under the CPSC's jurisdiction or inform the FTC's efforts to protect consumers.

The bill makes it unlawful to sell or offer for sale in interstate commerce, or import into the United States for such purposes, athletic sporting equipment for which the seller or importer makes any deceptive claim with respect to the safety benefits of such an item. Violations shall be treated as unfair or deceptive acts or practices under the Federal Trade Commission Act. The bill sets forth the enforcement authority of the FTC. States may bring civil actions in federal court to obtain injunctive relief on behalf of state residents unless a civil or administrative action has already been instituted by the FTC. The FTC may intervene and appeal in state actions.

The Youth Sports Concussion Act is an important piece of legislation because it will protect our nation's youth who participate in sports related activities from concussions and other injuries by discouraging false advertising claims regarding protective equipment used in competitive sports.

BIAA and NASHIA recently spearheaded a letter of support to the Senate Commerce Committee to include the Youth Sports Concussion Act in the next executive session. Thirty six organizations signed on in support of moving this important legislation through the committee process.

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Court of Appeals Approves NFL Class Action Settlement

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision today, affirming the settlement of the NFL class action litigation. Unfortunately, the decision is a disappointment. When the players realize that they will receive virtually no benefits under the settlement, there will be a revolution.  The next court to weigh in on these issues is the Court of Public Opinion.

read my comments in New York Times story reporting on this settlement

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New Documentary examines NCAA Commercial Exploitation of Athletes

Commercial exploitation of athletes, exposing college athletes to brain damage, using and abusing college students in the name of sports.  These are some of the topics explored in the first documentary examining the conduct of the NCAA.  The film, The Business of Athletes will be previewed on April 28th at 7:30 PM in  the Bronx at  the Showcase Cinema, Concourse Plaza, 214 E 161st St, Bronx, NY.  But only, if enough people purchase tickets in advance.  You can get more information by clicking here. Here is a link to the trailer and a review by the Mike O'Keefe of the Daily News, click here   The film maker, Bob DeMars has graciously selected The Brain Injury Association of America for donation's.

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A safety award for NFL Commissioner? Are they out of their minds?

Later this week, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will be given the Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program Leadership in Sports Health, Safety & Research Award.  GIVE ME A BREAK!  Read more by clicking here.

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