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Set the right example-wear a helmet while bicycle riding

Next time you ride a bicycle, wear a helmet!

New statistics from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons show bike accidents were the cause of 86,000 sports-related head injuries in 2009. Football accounted for 47,000 head injuries, and baseball accounted for 38,394 head injuries.

Bicycle riding was the leading cause of head injuries among kids under age fourteen.

Part of the reason for the greater number of individuals suffering brain trauma while riding a bicycle is that there are more persons who riding a bike then playing football or baseball.  Bicycle riders also face great dangers of being struck by a motor vehicle and many fail to wear a helmet.   Studies show 90 percent of bicyclists killed in the United States in 2009 were not wearing helmets

According to Safe Kids USA, helmet use can reduce the risk of head injury by 85 percent and severe brain injury by 88 percent.

Helmets are not just for children.  While eight states, including New York State and the District of Columbia mandate helmet use for children, adults also need to wear helmets. 

Protect your brain and set the right example-- wear a helmet while bicycle riding. 



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