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New research to develop novel traumatic brain injury imaging technology

Traumatic brain injury research received an important boost this week as a result of a $60 million joint initiative between the National Football League (NFL) and General Electric (GE) whose aim is to develop novel imaging technology and other tech-based approaches to aid in the prevention, detection and management of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussions.

The theme of a video shown at a joint news conference was “the better we understand the brain, the better we can protect it”.

Hopefully the research that is developed will enable scientists to better understand the effects of trauma on the brain and brain functioning.

According to NFL Commissioner, Goodell, the primary aim of the initiative is “better diagnosis, treatment and prevention of brain injury”. He admitted that “there is a lot more to do” and that any way to “speed up” the process to “develop new technology to better protect the brain” would be in the best interests of all players– but also younger players in high school, college and those much younger”.

The project will proceed in two parts. The first part will involve a $40 million research project led by GE to better diagnose mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), and to predict the outcomes over time. The second phase will focus on materials and structural design of equipment (helmets) to protect the brain from impacts.



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