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Educating Schools & Students on Brain Injury and Concussion

The George Washington University School of Higher Education is sponsoring a three credit course this summer  from July 15–19, 2013 focusing on educational issues and pediatric traumatic brain injuries.

This five-day, multi-disciplinary institute is open to graduate-level students in the fields of education, counseling, psychology, social work, medicine, nursing, law, and related therapies. Brain Injury professionals and parents of children with brain injuries are encouraged to attend. Undergraduates are welcome to enroll with advisor recommendation. The course will focus on family systems theory and the many systems involved in pediatric brain injury and concussion recovery. Presentations and panel discussions will sort through topics which define recovery trajectories, expectation of school outcomes after concussion, and how all parties can work cohesively towards successfully returning students to the school setting.

On Wednesday, July 17th, I am honored to participate in a special symposium whichc will be held as part of the course.  This brain injury symposium is intended to provide brain injury education to the professional community of education professionals, therapists, and parents of children with traumatic brain injuries. The symposium will address the potential for life-long deficits in learning and attention after a mild traumatic brain injury. Those not seeking credit (such as students, professionals in the field of brain injury, teachers, administrators, and families) are invited to register for the one-day symposium.

 For more information click here or call 202-994-6360 for more information.



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