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Many pediatricians lack training in concussion and brain injury diagnosis

A story by Fox News today reports that a new survey suggests that pediatricians and pediatric nurses often the first medical providers to see a child following a concussion or other head injury may lack the tools and training to diagnose and treat them.

Sixteen (16%) percent of the doctors and nurses surveyed said they didn't have the right training to tell families about their child's diagnosis.

As quoted by Fox News, "It was very revealing in that we need to make sure providers are educated about all the signs and symptoms of concussions," said lead author Dr. Mark Zonfrillo, an emergency physician and injury researcher at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Center for Injury Research and Prevention.

The survey is published in the journal Pediatrics. The survey asked providers about their knowledge of concussion symptoms and treatments and what may stand in their way of helping patients. Just over half of the surveys were returned. They showed 91 percent of respondents had treated at least one child with a concussion in the last three months. The majority of those providers referred their concussion patients to another doctor. When the researchers asked why, 49 percent of primary care providers - such as family doctors - said they were not comfortable treating a concussion and 47 percent said they did not have the resources.

This survey reinforces the need for all physicians and nurses to receive updated training in concussion diagnosis and treatment.

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